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Serving Guyana since 1969!

IBGL is the oldest insurance broker in Guyana. The company was founded over 50 years ago and is in 1969 and will be celebrating 55 years in 2024. With offices in Georgetown and Linden, IBGL manages the policies for over 6000 clients in Guyana and employs 25 members of staff with an average of 10-years’ experience. IBGL is considered to be one of the leading brokers in Guyana. Click below to learn more about us.

What We Do?

We have been working with our clients for over 50 years to provide bespoke insurance solutions to meet a varied client base. 

With the oil and gas industry accelerating growth, the range of products offered to clients in the Guyanese market for both individual and commercial needs has grown with it.

As each client’s needs are unique, our first step is to help you identify the risks, and then we recommend methods of mitigating risks in the most cost-effective way through our consulting function, and/or through the many insurance products on offer.

Policy Management

Policy Management

Consulting & Advisory

Consulting & Advisory

Claims Management

Claims Management

Group Plan Administration

Group Plan Administration

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Facts about IBGL

A quick look at us in numbers!

54 years
Serving Guyana
IBGL was the first insurance broker in Guyana when it was registered in 1969. In 1975, the company moved to its iconic office on Carmichael Street.
6000 clients
Our clients come first!
From our very first client, Dr. Enid Denbow to the many thousand we now service today, IBGL has always placed the client at the centre of what we do.
26 staff
Talent and Experience!
Between them, our senior team have over 150 years of service to IBGL; our experience of the Guyanese market is unmatched.

Frequently Asked Questions

As insurance brokers, our priority is to represent your interests at all times, and to provide you with professional guidance in everything pertaining to your insurance in a market that’s forever changing in premiums, product availability and policy conditions. IBGL’s team of experienced staff are trained to understand the differences between various policies and are often able to negotiate premiums that aren’t available to you. In fact some insurance policies are only available through intermediaries such as brokers.

Very easy! The process takes about 5 minutes and once complete, we will contact your existing insurer and do the rest, or if you do not have insurance yet, we will advise you on your options.

We at IBGL embrace the General Insurance Brokers Code of Practice which is intended to promote good relationships between insurance brokers, the people they insure, insurers and others involved in the insurance industry.

The Code is part of a self-regulatory scheme that sets out the responsibilities of participating insurance brokers and requires them to establish an internal process for resolving disputes with policy holders. Complaints and disputes against brokers in relation to the Code are handled by Insurance Association of Guyana, whose members represent consumers, the Government and insurance brokers.

IBGL acts as a link between the insurance company and the client for all matters relating to the renewal of the policy or the claim. You shouldn’t need to speak to the insurance company directly but if you do, we will be there to represent you.

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